MIDA 2019 from 24th Aprile to 1st May - International Craft Show Fortezza da Basso Florence

From April 24th to May 1st the Fortezza da Basso will host one of the most beloved exhibitions in Italy and abroad the, International Craft Show which, once again this year at the 82nd edition, welcomes small and large masterpieces with an exhibition area of €€55,000 sqm in which there will be craftsmen from all over Italy and from 50 countries in the world. From here pass the secrets and the ancient crafts of the Florentine workshops and not only but also the new trends created by the artists. This edition, as well as having many new features such as live workshops and show cooking, will not only be a journey through classic craftsmanship between historic shops and food but also new frontiers such as digital craftsmanship will be explored. The exhibition will be open from April 24th to May 1st every day from 10am to 10.30pm (the last day until 8pm) with free entry from 7pm.

Know-how since 1931
1931. The dawn of the know-how.
The Handicrafts Trade Faire has its roots in history.
It was originally born as an extension of the Florence Corporations of Workers.
Following the war break-out, the Fair was forced to stop. After war, it opened again with a new and fresh international approach.
The years of the economic boom encouraged the international character of the fair, which quickly became the centre of the attention in the world of high quality handicraft products.
Here you can discover the best creativity and inspiration of master artisans coming from every country in the world.
This is where beauty originates – the cradle of arts and craft expertise.
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