Figline and Incisa Valdarno Loc Gaville Agricultural Society Museum

Agricultural Society Museum

The museum in Gaville is a centre of historical documentation on the agricultural life of the past. In this rectory, until some decades ago, wines and oil for the farmers were prepared, evidence witnessed by the classic oil mill that we still find at its original location. Passing in front of the fireplace you get into the kitchen, were the most used furniture in the ancient houses are exposed, from the table being prepared with the hemp tablecloth woven with the chessis to the hutch and from the oven to the stone fish tank and the cupboard. Going on with this trip in the agricultral world, you will enter in the wheat room, where the seeding process has been reproduced, even with the wheat grinding.
Passing through an arch you will reach the carpenter and the wheelwright workshop, with all the tools built by himself, which were useful for repairing and building wagons, carts, chairs, barrels, slats and kegs. There are as well the foot-operated tornio, the forge with bellow to shape iron, the foot-operated grinding wheel as well as many other tools. In the very ancient canteen you will find everything was needed to produce a great wine, from the harvesting to the bottling, and finally the bedroom where people were resting a long hard working day in the fields.
Agricultural Society Museum * Gaville * Figline (FI)
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