Reggello - Vallombrosa Abbey

The Abbey of Vallombrosa is located in the same forest, created and curated throughout the Centuries by the monks, until it was declared ´Biogenetic Natural Reserve´ in 1973. The Vallombrosani Congress was born from the urge of San Giovanni Gualberto, born from the famous Florentine family, who in 1036 withdraw with few fellows in a place called Acquabella. Around the Abbey, in the forest, in holy places and in places deeply linked  to the life of Gualberto, you still can find chapels and Tabernacles dated between the XVI and the XVII Century.
From the outside, the big complex, surrounded by high walls which you should enter passing through a beautiful gate from the 1773, has still an austere nature maintaining elegance at the same time thanks to the bell tower of the XII Century and the tower of the XV Century.

Vallombrosa Abbey * Via San Benedetto, 2 * Reggello (FI)
Hours: July and August every Tuesday and Friday from 10:30am* for groups also in other days prior reservation
Costo: free offer
Tel: +39.055.862251

Loc. Vallombrosa, 115, 50066 Vallombrosa, Reggello FI